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PESSCA is an online-published resource for scholarly endeavors relating to Spanish Colonial Art. We therefore request that all use of PESSCA content, including PESSCA artworks and correspondences, be properly credited in scholarly publications.

To cite a PESSCA artwork, please write the word PESSCA followed by a space and the item number for the artwork. The item number for an artwork is a number followed by one or more capital letters. Thus, valid citations of PESSCA artworks would be as follows:


    • PESSCA 1333A.
    • PESSCA 1992B.


To cite a PESSCA correspondence between two artworks, please write the word PESSCA followed by a space and the item numbers for the two artworks (separated by a slash). Valid citations of PESSCA correspondence would thus be as follows:


    • PESSCA 1333A/1992B.


Online publications are encouraged to link to PESSCA artworks or correspondences. To do so, please link to valid citations of artworks or correspondences as follows.



Kindly introduce citations by mentioning our name (Project for the Engraved Sources of Spanish Colonial Art), our acronym (PESSCA), and our URL (

Note: Since the PESSCA website is constantly updated, it is adviseable to include in your citations the dates of last visits.